We Are SkydivingDZs.com

SkydivingDZs.com was created due to our own personal need. The need for easily locating an absolutely awesome new dropzone at the drop of a hat.

This is not the first dropzone directory and likely won’t be the last. The previous directories created before us were old, flaky, uninformative and lacked the most important element, a great user experience.

Whether you’re traveling to a new state and want to hear other jumpers experiences, or if you are a DZO and need to showcase events to your jumpers, SkydivingDZs.com is your new go-to.
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The Orgin

Where the idea for SkydivingDZ's.com came from...

As traveling jumpers, the consistent issue we ran into thee was being able to easily find the next stop in our quests.

There were many different places to get information about new dropzones (Dropzone.com, Reddit, Facebook) but they each had varied opinions and lack of information regarding the Dropzone itself.

If we had ONE BEER for every time we arrived at a new DZ to find out that they only serviced tandems, I’d be drunk typing this (ok, it’s our fault for not finding out beforehand if they allowed fun jumpers).

And the next best option was a directory/industry website that operated like it was 2005.

With our passion for technology, and of course the ever-growing passion for jumping, this our new website, which we created to fulfill the gaps in our community.

Find a DZ! Read & Share Reviews! Upload Photos! Sign-Up for Events!

To Blue Skies! 🍻

USPS Licensed Jumpers

All Admins & Contributors are active licensed USPA skydivers. Before proceeding with any advice or recommendations from this site, we strongly encourage you to discuss with a Licensed Instructor.

We Run On Beer

Since we don't charge for access to this website and don't plan on charging jumpers, if we're in your town (follow us on social), don't hesitate to get us some post-jump beers!

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